Office equipment will be available at the end of April.

You need to arrange to move it away.

Email to me:


2 Tables (maybe)    5’w x 28″h x 30″d


Vacuum sweeper   (cabinet has been taken)


computer stand







2 book cases  7′ tall x 4′ wide x 1′ deep   TAKEN: RE


round table    30″h  x  3’5″ across + 3 chairs  TAKEN: Sasha


shredder  –  confetti  TAKEN: Justin


white board   3’h x 5’w  TAKEN:  Sasha


small refrigerator  TAKEN: Sasha


fold-out sofa   6′ wide  TAKEN:  RE


2 tables     larger one is 26″h x  21″w  x  21″d  TAKEN:  Justin


3 stacking tables.  Largest is 2′ x 2′ x 2′   TAKEN: Justin


15″ table lamp  (the pic is showing a larger model)  TAKEN: Lewis


drawers   26″h x 19″w x  19″d  TAKEN:  Food Shuttle


Table that expands [see next photo]  4’6″ across    TAKEN:  Food Shuttle

and 4 really comfortable chairs. 


The table, above, with 2 leaves.  30″high x 7’6″long x 4’6″across  TAKEN:  Food Shuttle



small microwave oven  TAKEN:  Food Shuttle



table 30″ x 30″ x 12″     TAKEN:  Food Shuttle






Lamp  TAKEN  (Art)


credenza    28″h x 6’w x 18″d  TAKEN  Food Shuttle


chair   TAKEN Food Shuttle



book case   30″h x 36″w x 14″d   TAKEN Food SHuttle, Connie


HP color printer / copier / scanner / fax    2-sided  TAKEN Food Shuttle, Connie


laser printer b/w  2-sided   TAKEN Food Shuttle, Connie


Window air conditioner


File cabinet   legal or letter size folders    3’wide x 4’2″high x 1’7″deep     TAKEN  UUFR


Small Postage Scale  TAKEN: Kristen

artificial plant   TAKEN: Kristen



2 artificial plants  TAKEN: Kristen


blurry artificial plant    6′ tall  TAKEN: Kristen


picture  2’6″ wide   TAKEN: Kristen


3 – Sasha
1 – Mary
1 – Justin
4 – Food Shuttle + orange chairs