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Art Lieberman has retired and is
no longer accepting clients.

Here are three referrals to mediators in whom I have a lot of trust:

Raleigh area…

>>>  Tryst Chagnon, , (919) 656-8892

>>>  Sean Vitrano, , (919) 263-2003

Fayetteville Area…

>>>  Michael Wayland, , (614) 774-3766

“Lower the stress level and the cost of your divorce by negotiating peacefully.”

Although Art has retired, there is a lot of helpful information through this website.  Feel free to browse.

A Message From Art Lieberman

It was my own expensive and stressful divorce that led me to become a divorce mediator 25 years ago.  Since then, I have helped more than 1000 couples move on with their lives through divorce mediation – with less cost, in less time, with much less stress.

Mediation is about working together to resolve all of the terms of your divorce.  This is as opposed to working against one another through battling attorneys.

I offer(ed) my creative abilities and caring support to manage the divorce mediation process. It is our priority to help each of you feel safe and empowered as the two of you work out the equitable terms of your separation or divorce.

Of course, all decisions must be guided by legal guidelines and boundaries, but there is a lot of latitude for us to work in. More importantly, we are aware of the emotional impact of the divorce, and we strive to minimize your stress in making those tough decisions.

We prefer to have an informal yet structured environment for the mediation sessions. It is not a legalistic process, but one of negotiation with compassion.  Click here to learn more about mediation.

Most of our clients who have children spend between $1500 and $3500 on mediation.  Go ask an attorney what their retainer fee would be for a divorce, and you’ll quickly learn why mediation is the preferred route.

“The courts require the use of mediation. Mediate to a Fair Divorce before arguing between two attorneys.”

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